Mike Jones

Mike Jones

Michael Jones, or simply known as Mike Jones, is an American rapper, born in January 6, 1981, in Houston, Texas. He also pursues an acting career on an occasional basis. Jones initially wanted to pursue a different career than that in music, given his extraordinary craze for basketball. He transferred for school to school in order to look for basketball opportunities, but eventually dropped out by 9th grade. He worked in some fast food restaurants afterwards, and by 2001, was ready to take up a career as a rapper. His interest may have stemmed from an earlier age, but he cites his grandmother as a major motivation for his decision to enter the music industry.

Jones was initially affiliated with the record label Swishahouse, but left them in 2001 to find his own record producing company called Ice Age Entertainment. In recent times, the two companies have come to a mutual understanding, where Swishahouse will promote Jones’ music under his own record label. Before becoming a prominent Hip Hop artist, he was in a band called Souf Folk, and sang under the pseudonym Sache. During his time with the group, he released an album called Country Thuggin. It was only until 2004 when Jones broke out in to the major Hip Hop scene. His first ever single, “Still Tippin’“, received a lot of radio coverage, helping popularize Jones’ music in the initial stages. After the success of his first single, Jones decided to make another track, naming it “Back Then“.  This instantly went viral, and was Jones’ first track to reach platinum status. The recognition that ensued encouraged the star to go for an all-out album, and in April 2005, he released his debut album called Who Is Mike Jones. Within a period of two short months, the album reached double platinum status, and is now Jones’ highest selling album.

Jones’, however, was nowhere close to being satisfied with temporary fame. In September 2006, he released another impressive single called “Mr. Jones”, including some freestyling elements in to the track. With this success, Jones instantly considered making an EP. He subsequently released another single “My 64” with rappers Bun B and Snoop Dogg. The track became such an outstanding hit, that it premiered at #1 on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart. A year later, he released these two singles in a 6–track album called The American Dream. This album also featured an earlier rendition of “Still Trippin” featuring Slim Thug and Paul Wall. In 2007, Jones began work on his second album, and in the coming few months, released three singles that all successfully charted in the #100 billboard. These singles included “Drop & Gimme 50“, “Cuddy Buddy” and “Next To You“, the first of which featured Hurricane Chris. Two years down the line, Jones released his second album called The Voice, which charted at #12 in the Billboard 200 list, and sold close to 25,000 copies in the first seven days.

Jones has also pursued a partial acting career, casting as Darius Morgan in the hit TV series Prison Break (2005-2009). Jones also released a film-documentary with the same name as his first EP (The American Dream), with the film featuring the story of his life. After a temporary hiatus during 2010 and 2011, Mike Jones has now returned and is working on his third album.

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